Through The Lens Q&A: Nick Leuze

Copenhagenfashionweek QA Nick Leuze

Nick Leuze is a German fashion photographer. His love for fashion and his eye for details led him to the streets of Copenhagen, Milan, Paris, London and New York, where he captures the best dressed.

How did you get into street style photography?

I started doing street photography when I was on holiday in my hometown. I had always been very passionate about fashion and I was always watching out for people with an individual style. That just naturally led me to wanting to photograph at fashion week, as it allowed me to merge my passions for style and photography.

After doing my first Fashion Week in Paris, I was hooked and I knew that this was something I wanted to pursue no matter what.

You always have to be attentive, look for new perspectives and just push yourself.

What do you think is the appeal of this medium of expression for you?

I think the ability to connect with people, through the work and where it takes me, is something that really keeps me going. May it be the subjects I photograph or the other photographers I see during fashion week, being able to meet so many amazing people in beautiful cities and surroundings is something that always brings me back.

I also like the quick pace of it, sometimes you have very little time to get the photo you want. You always have to be attentive, look for new perspectives and just push yourself. I enjoy that a lot.

What do you love about Copenhagen Fashion Week street style?

In my opinion Copenhagen street style feels very “honest” in a way. Most of what showgoers wear during CPHFW, especially the Scandinavian attendees, look like outfits that they would also wear in their day to day if it was not fashion week. It feels much less artificial. That is something you definitely find less and less during the other big fashion weeks on the calendar and I’m starting to miss that a lot. In that sense Copenhagen street style is always very refreshing.

What does Copenhagen Fashion Week mean to you, summed up?

A great mix of upcoming and familiar brands worn by very stylish, open minded and friendly people. A relaxed atmosphere and a beautiful city. Seeing friends and colleagues, often for the first time in a while. Doing lots of kilometres on the bike.

What is the landscape for street style as a photographic medium? Do you think it will ever evolve?
I think the medium is always evolving. As the fashion industry we are attached to evolves and changes, we are bound to do so as well. We are seeing it right now, with having to adapt to the consequences of the Covid pandemic.

From a creative standpoint as well, there are always new photographers coming into the scene, who bring with them a new voice and perspective. I have tons of immensely talented colleagues, many of whom are always eager to try out new things and reinvent their way of photographing Fashion Week. As individual creatives we are constantly evolving and as long as we do so, street style photography will do too.