Through the Lens Q&A: Jonathan Paciullo


Jonathan Paciullo, aka @LeFrenchyStyle is a French photographer based in Paris, with over a decade of street style experience under his belt.

Last season Jonathan shot Copenhagen Fashion Week for the first time, and fell in love with the city, the people, and the unique styles. Discussing with him all things street style, Jonathan shed light on where he gets his inspiration, his love for Copenhagen, and the addictive energy of the style caught on the street.

How long have you been taking photographs?

I'm in my tenth year of street style but i started photography few years before.

Did you always want to be a photographer?

I always wanted to be creative, but I was looking for my medium

Where do you look for inspiration?

Everything can be an inspiration for me! Firstly, on the street, people or even a location can inspire me. Also in magazine editorials, and now social media is full of inspiration.

What inspires you about Copenhagen fashion week?

I did my first CPHFW last season, it’s always interesting to have a fresh vision somewhere you’ve never shot before, I think it’s boring to have habitude in photography.

"In Copenhagen, the people and city are definitely so cool! For the first time in my career, I said to myself ‘ok I will be able to live here!"

What do you look for when taking street style pictures?

First the look has to catch my eye! After that I’m looking for natural attitude.

"First the look has to catch my eye! After that I’m looking for natural attitude."

What do you love about street style?

I can’t explain… It’s an addiction!

What are your career aspirations for the future?

I don’t wanna quit this drug… but maybe more backstage or editorial.