Talent in focus: (di)vision

DIVISION article

Started by siblings, (di)vision with its sustainable approach and innovative design has been growing rapidly since it was founded by Nanna and Simon Wick in late 2018.

(di)vision’s ideology is to create from what already is, basing their designs on deadstock fabrics, old tents, vintage and military clothing, parachutes, and much more.

Having graduated with a degree in fashion design, Nanna Wick, the head designer, didn't feel encouraged to work in the industry, not seeing a way to make it fully sustainable and responsible. It was when her brother, Simon, came to her with an idea to create from what is already out there, instead of producing a brand new product, that (di)vision was born.

When buying vintage clothing Simon and Nanna do not know what they will get, and many of the pieces that arrive have marks, stains, or paint splatters on them. Once it's at their studio and they have a look at the pieces, the design process begins as they can start figuring out a way to rework the clothing.

Simon and Nanna take on a zero-waste approach when designing by mixing and matching between the materials, looking at how they can combine them. It allows the brand to create unrepeatable, unique patterns, and make them more exciting. Along with the main collection, in 2020 they have started a new line, (di)construct by (di)vision, as they have collected a lot of scraps and vintage clothing over time, and wanted to give them a new life. It takes a lot of time to design and deconstruct each piece individually, as they all come in different colours, washes, styles and sizes.

At (di)vision the collections are genderless, using a unisex fit as their base. Working with oversized silhouettes makes (di)vision's designs more streetwear-based. Nonetheless, they do try to embrace that clothing can be feminine for men, or masculine for women, trying to challenge the normal accepted look and feel of clothing. Their collections include tops, trousers, sweatshirts, shirts, and jackets with a signature zipper in the back as once two separate jackets become one.

For this duo, sustainability comes first and they have a strong do-it-yourself approach, allowing the vision behind (di)vision to be open for interpretation for everyone.

This season, (di)vision will have their runway debut, showcasing their collection as the first brand on the schedule, letting us into the universe where lounge unisex silhouettes are mixed with workwear aesthetics and floral prints.

After their show they will go live with Angela Koh, the market editor of New York Times' T magazine, to hear about inspirations behind the collection, the themes they explored for the SS22 season, and how their brand interacts with responsible focus areas.