Talent in focus: A. Roege Hove

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Founded in 2019, A. Roege Hove has been awarded the inaugural Talent Slot by the CPHFW show committee and will be showcasing their SS22 collection in August.

This season, the Talent Slot has been awarded by the CPHFW show committee to the conceptual brand, A. Roege Hove, for their innovative design and responsibility in fashion. They present a great direction for the future of Nordic design and will be granted a mentorship program with Julie Gilhart, CDO of Tomorrow Ltd. & President of Tomorrow Projects.

"As someone who believes some of the best talent has always yet to be discovered, I am thrilled to have been given the opportunity to serve as the inaugural Copenhagen Fashion Week talent mentor and to be working with Amalie Roege Hove. One of my greatest passions lies in fostering and encouraging emerging talent, and it's an honour to utilise this platform to mentor the next generation of talent in Copenhagen.” - Julie Gilhart, CDO of Tomorrow Ltd. & President of Tomorrow Projects

Focused on knitwear, A. Roege Hove’s collections include tops, dresses, skirts, loose tights, and tote bags, exploring the shapes knitted pieces can create and look on bodies. By keeping the colour palette minimalistic and neutral, they put their unique design in focus.

Founder and designer of A. Roege Hove, Amalie, fell in love with knitwear during her studies in Textile Design at the Royal Danish Academy of fine arts. After working for several Danish brands she decided to make her own vision happen and reveal her ideas and potential of knitwear to the world.

For Amalie it was important to create long-lasting pieces that people want to hold onto. Basing the whole collection on the same technique, Amalie sees the styles as small, individual sculptures, as the stretchy, semi-transparent and thin material allows them to create shapes depending on the use. The results are a collection of unique pieces that create a different experience for everyone.

The design process is very intuitive, as the styles once put on a body take on a form at once different from the one coming straight from production. Amalie takes inspiration from her previous work and always tries to make the most of the samples and swatches she already has. She explores the possibilities of knitwear by constantly trying to develop new techniques, making the samples on domestic knitting machines in Copenhagen.

Most of the styles are made to order, ensuring the brand does not have a large stock with pieces unused. Moreover, the samples are produced with no waste, which is something the brand tries to incorporate in the production as much as possible. They are all produced in Denmark, Ireland and Italy with high-quality European materials like cotton and nylon.

For A. Roege Hove, knitting one total garment with no waste is key, as that’s how Amalie fell in love with knitwear when she was experimenting with different techniques at school. Implementing this technique in all her garments, Amalie hopes it will inspire other brands to follow and produce knit in this way, creating less waste.

"I am beyond excited to receive the talent slot for Copenhagen Fashion Week. To receive recognition from the show committee in this early stage means the world and to be able to develop our universe further into a show context is a challenge myself and the team truly look forward to.” - Amalie Roege Hove, Founder A. Roege Hove

A. Roege Hove will showcase their 5th ready-to-wear collection on the runway, introducing the Copenhagen Fashion Week community to the brand's universe of knitwear extravaganza.