Small talks – big conversations: the new definitions of luxury

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Talk host Alec Leach to discuss the difference in consumer behaviour on the concept of luxury fashion

The new definitions of luxury: is sustainability shaping a difference in consumption patterns?

Luxury is changing from exclusive notions/logomania/celebrity endorsements to holding the principles of sustainability as a core ethos: a design for longevity heightened transparency into their value chain, preferred materials, and artisanal craftsmanship.

As consumers become more educated and look to brands that are both elevated in quality and design excellence, will this see a greater shift in not only brands moving into the luxury sector in order to tap into this new educated clientele but also to implement more responsible practices in their business (can no longer make cheap dresses, costs go up, etc)

Alec Leach, consultant, writer and editor in the sustainable fashion space, will be moderation the question of whether luxury and responsibility can be parallel experiences through different angles:
Dio Kurazawa, co-founder of the sustainability consultancy The Bear Scouts, takes up a brand perspective. Emily Chan, Sustainability Editor at Vogue UK, is taking a publication perspective and Anaheta v. Berenberg, Buying Director at Zalando, brings in a retail viewpoint.

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