Small talks - big conversations: new gen and the media

A Roege Hove 15

Talent talk with Amalie Roege Hove and Mahoro Seward, Fashion Features Editor of i-D. Moderated by Ane Lynge-Jorlén, Designers’ Nest.

In just a couple of seasons, Danish knitwear designer Amalie Roege Hove has established a name for herself, specialising in conceptual knitwear. With a background in textile design, Hove’s starting point is materiality and a technical approach to designing. The media plays a crucial role in nurturing talent and can make or break emerging designers.

Since its launch in the 1980s, i-D has supported young designers and discovered talents across fashion. In this conversation, Ane Lynge-Jorlén, Amalie Roege Hove and Mahoro Seward from i-D share their views on the relationship between talents and fashion media.

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