Small Talks, Big Conversations: Moussa Mchangama with Zalando & CPHFW

Copenhagenfashionweek Zalando Sustainability panel Kate Heiny BW

Kate Heiny, Director of Sustainability at Zalando and Cecilie Thorsmark, Copenhagen Fashion Week, discuss a sustainable future for fashion and sustainability as a commitment


Host, Moussa Mchangama

Founded by Frederik Larsen and Moussa Mchangama, In futurum helps businesses and organizations prepare for a sustainable future. By applying a research-based approach to sustainability to a deep understanding of strategic business processes and communication, they advise and create strategies for leading Scandinavian fashion and lifestyle businesses, do research on sustainable business practices and partake in public speaking on sustainability, social issues, culture and new business approaches.

Kate Heiny, Director Sustainability, Zalando is a leading figure in bringing Zalando’s Corporate Sustainability Strategy to life and in deriving actionable measures in becoming a sustainable fashion platform.

Cecilie Thorsmark, CEO, Copenhagen Fashion Week

Cecilie has launched a three-year sustainability action plan “Reinventing Copenhagen Fashion Week” to transition the event into a pioneering industry platform with the capacity to further the industry’s sustainability potential.

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