Skt Petri Guest Diary - Mona M. Ali, Firii Agency & Vogue Scandinavia

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Come to CPHFW with Mona M. Ali, Founder of Firii Agency & Editor at Vogue Scandinavia, who will be sharing a day in her life through our Skt Petri diaries

We’ve all been clicking through all the front row seat and catwalk images - so here’s a chance to see what it’s like during those moments in between. A regular at Copenhagen Fashion Week, Mona's role as Diversity and Inclusion Editor at Vogue Scandinavia as well as the founder of Firi Agency, has put her at the core of instigating change within the fashion industry. From waking up in the calm of hotel Skt Petri to being in the middle of the frantic rides rushing from show to show, speaking on talk panels and attending the array of events that light up the evening is all part of Mona’s busy schedule during Copenhagen Fashion Week.