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Information on the official show schedule

AW22 show schedule application information
Applications are now closed.

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Josefine Cramer
Head of Brand Relations & Production

AW22 prices for the complete official show schedule package for participating brands

  • Application fee: DKK 2.000*
  • Schedule services for brands with more than or equal to DKK 20 million in annual turnover: 32.000 DKK + 1300 DKK in carbon offsetting fee = 33.300 DKK in total
  • Schedule services for brands with less than DKK 20 million in annual turnover: 12.000 DKK + 650 DKK in carbon offsetting fee = 12.650 DKK in total
  • Schedule services for brands with less than DKK 1 million in annual turnover: 7000 DKK + 150 DKK in carbon offsetting fee = 7150 DKK in total
  • Schedule services for design schools: 5000 DKK + 150 DKK in carbon offsetting fee = 5150 DKK in total

*APPLICATION FEE: All brands with above DKK 1 million annual turnover will be charged an application fee of DKK 2000, regardless of resulting decision to be a part of the Official Copenhagen Fashion Week Show Schedule.

**The price does not include live streaming.

Carbon Offsetting Fee

As part of our Sustainability Action Plan, this season we introduce a carbon offsetting fee for all brands that are part of the official show schedule. The fee is calculated based on turnover of a brand and a baseline measurement of show emissions conducted in AW21. The fee can be reimbursed if documentation for own offsetting is provided within four weeks after show execution.

The fee will be raised during this and next season. As of AW23, brands on the official schedule will be demanded to individually offset their emissions as part of the Minimum Standards put forward within the 2023 Sustainability Requirements.

Live Streaming

Copenhagen Fashion Week expects all brands to factor in a digital element that will be showcased digitally on the website during each brand's allocated schedule slot. This is to ensure that all digital attendees of CPHFW can experience the full schedule line up as much as any physical attendees.

Copenhagen Fashion Week have arranged a special live streaming opportunity for CPH-based live shows. Contact CPHFW for further information and price.

Copenhagen Fashion Week Talent Slot

Dedicated to supporting emerging talent and committed to showcasing a rising visionary designer, Copenhagen Fashion Week is proud to announce its official Talent Slot for AW22. By ticking that you wish to be considered for the Talent Slot, your application will be shared with the Official Copenhagen Fashion Week Show Committee who will decide the brand for the season ahead.

The Talent Slot will include being given a free show listing on the official schedule and will be awarded a three-meeting mentorship with industry business leader Julie Gilhart to further their company's global growth. Alongside this, they will be included in targeted communications towards our global network in anticipation of AW22 and during their showcase.

In order to be considered for the talent slot, the criteria for the brand is as follows:

  • Maximum of 3 years in business

Show Schedule Criteria

All brands selected to be a part of the Official Copenhagen Fashion Week Show Schedule must comply to the terms and conditions stated below.


Brands must sign and agree to align with the Ethical Charter. The brands who have not yet signed the document will receive it separately. Read more about the Ethical Charter here.

When partaking in Copenhagen Fashion Week (CPHFW), brands agree to consider diversity and inclusion. All must recognize that diversity is found in any social identity, such as gender, age, culture, nationality, ethnicity, physical abilities, political and religious beliefs, sexual orientation, and other attributes. Inclusion is the process of involving, accepting, and valuing all people in the workplace and show regardless of their differences and social identity.


When submitting a digital film as an alternative to a traditional, physical show, one agrees to submit motions visuals only, meaning, no static photos such as look books and collages. CPHFW will not be dictating creative direction of brands; however, a mock-up/in-depth description of the digital film must be shared with Head of Production & Brand Relations, Josefine Cramer, prior to its production. This is to ensure a minimum level of quality but also for CPHFW to assist in terms of both help and guidance during your planning.


By applying to CPHFW, one commits to create content for CPHFW exclusively. Your brand agrees to not be a part of any other fashion week for a minimum of 2 consecutive seasons, unless otherwise agreed. This includes all activities related to presence, including but not limited to participating in online/offline talks, digital film, and physical fashion show.


For CPHFW to operate effectively and provide the services expected by the industry and other partners, all brands must respect the deadlines communicated by the CPHFW team. CPHFW have the right to step back from an agreement with a brand if deadlines are not met.


All brands have a 30-minute time slot on show day. On show day, the livestream signal starts with a maximum delay of 10 minutes. The 30-minute time slot on show day is particularly important to show respect to fellow designers and global audience on the CPHFW website.

As a brand showcasing at CPHFW we require you to livestream all catwalk shows and commit to channel your industry audience to the official CPHFW channels and your YouTube channel.

CPHFW highly encourages all physical show brands to live stream shows/other content in your designated time slot using CPHFW’s live streaming partner, Price of livestreaming comes at an additional fee, negotiated directly with the live streaming partner.


Every season, CPHFW invites selected press and industry professionals to join our fashion week and support the industry at large. The Copenhagen Fashion Week Official Show Schedule will be made available to everyone we host, and they will be strongly encouraged to be present at physical as well as digital happenings during all three days. However, the CPHFW team cannot be held accountable for their participation and/or them showing up on time, as this is solely their own responsibility and choice.


CPHFW may retain and use all information contained in the official website application form and in all communication/dialog with CPHFW related to AW22. Read more about how we comply with GDPR and our general policies on


CPHFW makes 2 photographers available to your brand on show day: 1 backstage and 1 runway photographer. Both must be given access to your venue and backstage area during fashion week, alternatively during production of digital film. The photographers will be present to capture content for CPHFW channels, both moving visual and photography. The imagery will be made available to the brand for usage with adequate crediting of the photographer. The photographer schedule will be arranged with you once the final schedule has been announced.

CPHFW’s official Partner Services include water, trash pick-up services, sustainable cutlery service, and more, all at a favourable price. The CPHFW team will provide more specified information as we approach CPHFW AW22.


All brands will receive an invoice from CPHFW shortly after CPHFW AW22 has taken place. Unless otherwise agreed, the invoice must be paid within 14 days, and all brands will be charged for their time slot on the CPHFW Official Show Schedule as well as the standard application fee of DKK 2.000 for all DKK 1M+ annual revenue sized brands.