Show Schedule Information

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Please find below all information relevant to the official show schedule for SS23, across pricing, services, timeline and relevant contacts from the Copenhagen Fashion Week team

SS23 Show Schedule Application Information

SS23 Key Dates

  • 28 March - Applications Open: Show Schedule
  • 25 April - Applications Close: Show Schedule
  • W/C 1st June - Brand Lineup Announcement
  • W/C 15th June - Show Schedule Released

SS23 Show Schedule Pricing

Prices for the complete official show schedule package for participating brands reflects the annual turnover:
• < 1 million DKK: 8.500 DKK + carbon offsetting fee of 150 DKK
• 1-20 million DKK: 15.000 + carbon offsetting fee of 650 DKK
• 20-50 million DKK: 32.000 DKK + carbon offsetting fee of 1.300 DKK
• 50-100 million DKK: 36.000 DKK + carbon offsetting fee of 1.300 DKK
• 100+ million DKK: 40.000 DKK carbon offsetting fee of 1.300 DKK
• Design schools: 6.000 DKK + carbon offsetting fee of 150 DKK
• Official talent slot 0 DKK

All brands must furthermore pay an application fee of 2.000 DKK. Please note, all brands with less than one million DKK in annual turnover will not be charged an application fee.
*The prices do not include live streaming. See more information under Live Streaming further below.

SS23 Payment Terms

All brands applying for the Copenhagen Fashion Official Show Schedule will receive an invoice for the application fee shortly after the application deadline. The invoice must be paid up in order to secure the review of your application. Please note, that the application fee applies to all brands whether accepted or declined by the show committee.

All brands included on the Copenhagen Fashion Week Official Show Schedule are required to pay 100% of the show schedule package fee in anticipation of Copenhagen Fashion Week. All brands will receive an invoice no later than 1 July 2022 that must be paid within 7 days. Please note, that in case a brand decides to cancel participation, this amount will not be reimbursed.

Should a brand pull out before 1 July, a cancellation fee of 2.000 DKK will apply.

Live Streaming

Copenhagen Fashion Week requires all brands to organise the livestreaming of their physical shows, which will be showcased digitally on the website during each brand's allocated schedule slot. This is to ensure that all digital attendees of CPHFW can experience the full schedule line up as much as any physical attendees.

Copenhagen Fashion Week have arranged a special live streaming opportunity for CPH-based live shows. Contact Marie Brøbech on for further information and pricing.

Services for successful brand applicants for the SS23 show schedule

Professional Photography & Social Media

1 professional runway photographer for your show * **
1 professional backstage photographer for your show * **
1 designated Vogue Runway street style photographer hosted by CPHFW to ensure
street style coverage on Vogue Runway
Runway image retouch by professional team * **
Street style photographer to cover street style each day for CPHFW and Press
Professional social media team covered content at your show, both front of house
and backstage *
1-2 TikTok guest creators attended your show, as arranged by CPHFW, in order to
generate coverage opportunities *

Distribution of Imagery

Runway images circulated with your press representative 4 hours post-showcase * **
• Distribution of runway imagery to Vogue Runway
• Distribution of backstage imagery to Vogue Runway
• Facilitation of street style imagery to Vogue Runway
Press bank service
• Runway images, backstage images, and show press release uploaded
• Communicated to global press and utilized as main source for brand imagery


Hospitality of approx. 30 top-line international press and buyers including:
• Representatives from key markets
• Representatives from aspirational markets
• Representatives from growth markets
Full electric car service with professional drivers
Full hotel accommodation at 5-star hotel in city centre
Flights arranged to and from Copenhagen
Personalized itineraries tailored to each guest
Consistent press support, accompaniment, and coverage advice & dialogue with Head of Communications in anticipation of and during your show

Media Exposure

Communications department pitching press coverage interseasonally and in anticipation of CPHFW
Exposure on CPHFW channels (IG, newsletters, Facebook, YouTube, website, TikTok)
Exposure on YouTube/fashion homepage as part of global partnership
Exposure on Fashion Forum (IG and show review on website)
TikTok coverage of AW22 through official partnership and guest content creators hosted by CPHFW *
Official #CPHFW launch on TikTok to Nordic audience

Digital Support

Professional assistance from CPHFW YouTube expert in setting up YouTube account and any further actions needed
YouTube livestream / digital premiere set-up support and on-hand assistance
CPHFW and YouTube Fashion & Beauty online webinar facilitated for your channel growth and best practices for streaming and digital premieres

Show Schedule Services

CPHFW branded press bus featuring your brand name stopping at all physical show venues made available for industry professionals not part of CPHFW hospitality programme
CPHFW show starter at your show venue to assist in starting on time, and act as your link to press bus, CPHFW headquarters, livestream production team, etc. * **
Partner services such as water for all guests and show staff *
Full support of dedicated brand relations team member prior to and during fashion week
Your individualized show and brand page with assets, contact details, information about your upcoming show leading up to, during, and after fashion week
Specially built accreditation system in order to optimize press, buyer and industry show requests for your show
Additional event listing on the official Copenhagen Fashion Week event schedulefree of charge
Post-fashion week support:
• One-to-one brand meetings
• Official repo t on your brand statistics and overall impact collated and circulated
• Feedback form evaluated through internal strategy meetings

Sustainability Services

Biannual seminars in collaboration with experts and knowledge partners
Networking sessions for fashion brands in collaboration with relevant experts and knowledge partners to discuss challenges and share knowledge and ideas
One-to-one sustainability brand meetings after each edition of fashion week focusing on the 2023 Sustainability Requirements
Sustainability material made available to each brand:
• Action Plan 2020-2022
• Seasonally updated 2023 Sustainability Requirements survey guide
• 2023 Sustainability Requirements’ webinars covering all six focus areas in more detail (sent upon request)
• Seasonally updated guide to a more responsible show


* not applicable to fully digital showcases
** not applicable for digital premieres with accompanying physical event

Copenhagen Fashion Week Official Talent Slot

Dedicated to supporting emerging talent and committed to showcasing a rising visionary designer, Copenhagen Fashion Week is proud to announce its official Talent Slot for SS23. By ticking that you wish to be considered for the Talent Slot, your application will be shared with the Official Copenhagen Fashion Week Show Committee who will decide the brand for the season ahead.

The Talent Slot will include being given a free show listing on the official schedule and will be awarded a three-meeting mentorship with industry business leader Julie Gilhart to further their company's global growth. Alongside this, they will be included in targeted communications towards our global network in anticipation of SS23 and during their showcase.

In order to be considered for the talent slot, the criteria for the brand is as follows:

  • Maximum of 3 years in business

Danish Fashion Ethical Charter

Brands must sign and agree to align with the Ethical Charter. The brands who have not yet signed the document will receive it separately. Read more about the Danish Fashion Ethical Charter here. When partaking in Copenhagen Fashion Week (CPHFW), brands agree to consider diversity and inclusion.

All must recognize that diversity is found in any social identity, such as gender, age, culture, nationality, ethnicity, physical abilities, political and religious beliefs, sexual orientation, and other attributes. Inclusion is the process of involving, accepting, and valuing all people in the workplace and show regardless of their differences and social identity.