Adorable again – Cecilie Bahnsen

Words Line Hindsgaul 

It only takes a quick scroll down the Instagram accounts of Danish fashion personalities to realize that Cecilie Bahnsen is one of their favorites.

As uncrowned fashion queen of Denmark Malene Malling wrote seconds after the Cecilie Bahnsen show: “Effectively and easily the greatest design talent on the Danish fashion scene right now. Simply sublime.” Meanwhile, our own renowned fashion journalist, Lotte Freddie, stated that Bahnsen’s “ultra-feminine dresses in organza dotted muselin and beautiful quilted satin are superb and adorable design.”

Costume Magazine’s editor-in-chief Rikke Amtrup simply added the caption: “Beautiful.” Referring to the Instagram picture of her favorite Bahnsen look, a voluminous black velvet dress with tie loop shoulder straps.

And she is indeed a true talent, Cecilie, without doubt. Yet if you are looking for something new and surprising, you won’t find it here. Cecilie is true to her design DNA, and does not stray from it. At all. Yes, there were longer dress hemlines, a few new colors added (olive and dusty rose), but nothing that made the collection truly novel. More wearable items, and ones suitable for a more mature audience, it did contain, however.

The collection consisted of pretty voluminous dresses, some with open bags held together with drawstrings. A few shorts appeared, paired with frill tops. And sculptural quilted skirts combined with beautiful knits, adorably. Despite the lack of anything radically new, there was reason to fall in love with Bahnsen all over again.