Designers’ Nest: Going global

In a steamy warehouse Tuesday evening, Scandinavia’s top five design schools — Kolding, Danish Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Oslo National Academy of the Arts, Beckmans, and Aalto — presented their annual picks from the graduating classes.

Helmstedt: Making waves

The temperature is tropical. A woman sits in a bathtub with octopus arms hanging from the side. She listens to the sounds from the ocean in the conch she is holding to her ear. We are inside the Opera of Freetown Christiania in Copenhagen, packed to the max with people, eager to see what tailor-turned-designer Emilie Helmstedt has in store for us.

Resumé: Back to the 90s

Even Résumé’s invitation looked promising – a baby-rose card in a pink envelope stamped “As if” and “Whatever” – film star Alicia Silverstone’s now famous quotes from my favourite film, “Clueless”.  

Mykke Hofmann: Urban globetrotters

The current change in weather has put a new focus on dressing for city and work life, where you feel cool and comfortable yet polished in soaring temperatures. Look no further than to debutantes at CFW Mykke Hofmann to solve any wardrobe crisis during next spring and summer.

CFW x BOOZT SHOW: Nostalgic nineties trip

What do you get when you cover an entire room with silver bubble wrap, put the speakers on loud with RUN-DMC’s “It’s Like That” and Kris Kross’ “JUMP” and then sprinkle it all with neon colours, studs, cellophane-like silver skirts, checked coats and fishnet socks?

Fashion anecdote: Noam Griegst

Noam Griegst is an acclaimed fashion photographer and director as well as creative director in the family-owned jewellery company, Griegst Jewelry. Here he takes us a couple of years back, to a time in China when his acting skills were put to the test in an attempt to convince a bossy agent to give him an extra day of shooting with a Chinese mega-star.