Oh! By Kopenhagen Fur

Oh! By Kopenhagen Fur are a Danish fur brand based in the cold but Oh! so lovely city of Copenhagen. Since Kopenhagen Fur, their mothership and the world’s greatest fur auction house, decided to bring us to life in 2012, their primary goal has been to create everyday must-have items with an innovative furry twist.

They love fur and believe that everyone should be able to enjoy this fantastic and sustainable material. They focus on designing classic yet cool everyday styles within the outerwear and accessory categories. Oh! is made without compromising on quality. The traditional craftsmanship of furriers and high-quality materials are highly regarded values for them, which all of their products reflect.

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Show Slot: 16 -17 January 30.

Show Venue: Galleri Christoffer Egelund, Bredgade 75, 1260 KBH K