Mykke Hofmann

Who we are and where we come from.
The story of Mykke Hofmann is first of all the story of a long-lasting friendship between Sedina Halilovic and Jelena Hofmann – two women who met at high school and discovered they had more in common than their Balkan origins and their life embracing temper. They shared a unique way of perceiving the role of fashion in a woman’s everyday life: What a woman wears should underline her femininity and strength.
After working in fashion together for more than 5 years, they launched Mykke Hofmann in 2017.

The name combines Sedina’s childhood nickname and Jelena’s surname. They work as a tandem but have their areas of expertise, while Sedina is head of Design and Quality Control, Jelena pus- hes Sales and Marketing. The two young mothers, along with their female team, try to make the world a bit better and more beautiful. Their designs celebrate femininity in its subtly striking way and are produced under fair and conscious conditions. They follow a slow-fashion approach and take their social and eco responsibility very serious.

After winning an investor, the young label has taken the bold step to open an own production site in Serbia, in October 2017. Thus the team has full control over the fabrication and can ensure fair working conditions. All suppliers are long-term partners and the raw materials are of certified European origin. Furthermore, the company implements a waste and energy minimizing delivery process.

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Show Slot: 13 – 14 January 29.

Show Venue: Louise Roe Gallery, Vognmagergade 9, 1120 KBH