Les Deux

The perception of Les Deux has changed a lot throughout the years, understandably, due to the rapid growth of the company. However, in order to truly comprehend the meaning of Les Deux and what they stand for, they want to narrate the story behind and show who they really are through their upcoming fashion show.

It all began with an idea of creating a niche in the fashion industry, represented by combining two completely different styles based on a dualistic ap­proach. The ambitions and dreams were big and with­out further consideration, Les Deux was born.

Their journey has just begun, and they are more driven than ever. Their desire has become an obsession, why they constantly make demands to themselves in order to improve continuously. They are convinced that they are going to play a crucial role in the industry in the future because of their talent as well as their belief of why they do, what they do, is paramount.

Contact details


Thea Thunbo



Mathias Jensen



Show Slot: 15 – 16 January 29.

Show Venue: The Plant, Raffinaderivej 22, 2300 KBH